Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton School Fundraiser & Anniversary

May 29, 2024
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Giving Back To The Community

At Stop Go Studio, we’re thrilled to share the impact of our latest project, initially sparked by a collaboration between local teachers and the Affinity Plus Foundation. What began as a simple video project transformed into an opportunity to support the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Elementary School in St. Cloud, MN. Join us as we unveil the full story.


Partnership with Purpose

Our journey began in partnership with the Affinity Plus Credit Union Foundation, a dynamic organization whose mission is to engage, educate, and empower people through meaningful engagement and community support. You can learn more about their incredible work here.

The primary focus of our video project was to highlight the joint efforts of Junior Achievement and local educators. Junior Achievement North is a non-profit organization serving communities across Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. It is dedicated to providing young individuals with the essential skill set and mindset necessary to cultivate thriving communities. Learn more about Junior Achievement.

Interestingly, the “Affinities Tie” program through Junior Achievement played a pivotal role, connecting volunteers with schools to build financial literacy and entrepreneurship education among young students. It just so happened that our team was assigned to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Elementary, a school with a special place in our hearts.

A Personal Connection

Our own Mathew Odette, the founder of Stop Go Studio, attended Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton during the early 2000s. This personal connection added a unique layer of enthusiasm to our project. Eager to give back, we reached out to the school to explore how we could assist in enhancing their media presence and overall visibility.

As fate would have it, we discovered that the school was celebrating its 30th anniversary. Our immediate reaction was pure excitement, as the timing could not have been better. We expanded our project scope to not only cover the intended Junior Achievement collaboration but also to produce a high-quality anniversary campaign video.

Beyond Expectations: A Dual Impact

With strategic pre-planning and an additional day of filming, our team successfully captured both the educational collaboration and the celebration of the school’s milestone anniversary. The extended filming allowed us to gather extra b-roll footage for the Affinity Foundation, enriching the project’s depth and reach.

The anniversary video produced for Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Elementary was designed to support their ambitious goal of raising $30,000. When the fundraiser goes live at the end of the academic year, you can find out how to participate by visiting the school’s website. This campaign is not just a testament to the skill of our dedicated production team here at Stop Go, but also embodies our commitment to supporting educational institutions in achieving their dreams.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Elementary Anniversary Video

Check out the final production created for the school’s 30th anniversary below!

Stay Tuned

This project exemplifies how collaborative efforts can amplify impact, turning simple initiatives into powerful stories of community support and success. Stay tuned to Stop Go Studio’s blog and social media channels as we continue to share more about our projects and the stories we help bring to life.